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Calling all artists, athletes, therapists, exercise enthusiasts, spinners, teachers, trainers, farmers, fitness centers, studios, do-gooders, do-GREATers, go-getters, non-profits, charities (those that recognize disparities), and those who want a good, well, better, best community where arts, wellness and healthy outlets are accessible to all. All interested parties are invited to partner with the AOC Twilight April 29-30, 2022.
The LOC of the AOC Twilight invites the community to join Twilight in creating the FIRST EVER "Arts & Wellness Walk" along the backstretch of the AOC Twilight Criterium, presented by Michelob Ultra. The Walk will be located on Hancock Avenue between Hull Street & College Avenue. Invitation extends to local wellness practitioners, fitness centers, yoga studios, healing and active arts businesses, and organizations, local artists and crafters.
A 10x10 space in the Arts & Wellness Walk; all vendors must provide their own tents, tables, and chairs.
In 2021, the criterium course changed due to construction and the goal was and continues to be creating an exciting race course for athletes and a win-win for the arts & wellness community. Located on the backstretch of the criterium course, it's great real estate, FRONT ROW SEATS!   
BONUS:  There will be a charity beer garden run by BreastFest Athens.
The mission of the AOC Twilight and Community Rocks! is not only wellness, but addressing every aspect of wellness, including physical, mental, spiritual, social, educational/intellectual, and  environmental health and well-being.
Collaborate for no charge, though it is STRONGLY encouraged that a donation be made directly to this year’s charity partner, Community Rocks! Corp. via this PayPal account that takes out NO SERVICE FEES!  Donate here: