Parking is always a challenge in downtown Athens during the Twilight, so consider taking the bus or riding your bike!

Riding with ACC Transit is Easy and Free

Plan your bus ride with ease using our "Trip Planner" tool on your browser at or on the myStop Mobile app (available in Appstore and Google Play). Not

 sure where to go? Here's a list of places you can route to in "Trip Planner" for each event:

  • The Twilight Race: "Heery's Clothes Closet" (daytime start/finish), "First American Bank and Trust Co" (nighttime start/finish)
  • The 5K: "Statue of Ben Epps" (start), "First American Bank and Trust Co" (finish)
  • The Gambler: "First American Bank and Trust Co" (start/finish)
  • Festival and Live Music (downtown): "UGA Arch", "Multimodal Transportation Center", "Denney Towers", "521 N Hull St.", "247 Pulaski St.", "440 College Ave."

On Friday

  • ALL buses will run from 6:00AM - 9:45PM.
  • After 6:30PM, Route 25 will change to a large counter-clockwise loop covering Lexington Rd., Gaines School Rd., College Station Rd, and E. Campus Rd.

On Saturday

  • Buses run on the following routes from 7:00AM - 7:00PM: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 20. Route 25 is also available, but it will run the Friday evening route all day (see above).
  • From 6:45PM - 10:00PM, the entire county is served by free on-demand service. To schedule a pick-up, use the Uber app and select "ACC Transit: $0.00".

Enjoy a bike ride to Twilight and Downtown on the Firefly Trail

View their paths online at If you can't bike all the way to downtown, hop on an ACC Transit bus! Each bus can carry up to three bikes.